Friday, December 8, 2017

This s NOT acceptable! Ever!

This is a note from Mark.. Debra's husband.

To the lady who drove 250 km to Debra's boutique today to buy a small form and then was upset to find we didn't have it in stock.

I would like to say.. 3 of our deliveries from Amoena were lost in transit this week making for very hard retailing for us with low supplies.

Now when you came in Debra herself was on the way to Gympie to see her ailing father, and our daughter Christina was running the shop.

Your outrageous behaviour in abusing Christina (which reduced her to tears and made her physically ill - she thew up after you left)  and throwing your prosthesis at her is totally unacceptable.

Your foul mouth with your ranting and swearing is again totally unacceptable.

Debra does not employ Christina to take such abuse.

She, like Debra is there to be of service, not to be criticised.

Your threats to tell your breast care nurse and your friends about what a terrible shop Spirit of Life is... are welcome.

QLD breast care nurses know what a great service Debra provides and will probably ignore you.

And if your friends are like you.. we don't want them in the shop either.

And so in closing.. you know who you are... from this point on we have a choice too... and our choice is to not have you as a customer.

We don't need your custom, we don't need your money and we certainly don't need your abuse.

If I had of been there I would have ordered you out of the door... on the spot.

Go and find another retailer to abuse.. you are no longer welcome, in fact you are banned for life at Spirit of Life Boutique.


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Something new!

One of the great things about having your own business is that you are always working. Even on a Sunday night! Mark is down in the kitchen cooking dinner for me and I have just uploaded our new black nightie to our website. There really are pretty. Stop by and have a look. Got to go... dinner is served... apparently!

Talk soon...


Friday, November 3, 2017

Latest Mastectomy Swimsuit just in time for summer.

Just in yesterday to the store is this wonderful range called "Cairo" mastectomy swimsuits. Range is limited so get in quickly girls as of late with the warmer days our swimsuits are just running out the door.

Cairo Mastectomy Swimsuit

And don't forget your swimform to go with it!



Monday, October 30, 2017

Thank you Rockhampton...

Well back last night from a fabulously successful trip to Rocky. Mark drove us up on Friday in the Holden and on Saturday I was overwhelmed with the support from our customers in Central QLD. To a lady they were so happy to catch up and purchase replacement prostheses and bras. And the always popular Valletta Tops too!

And to all of the new customers who came along for the first time, I thank you as well. Spirit of Life has a lot of costumers in Rockhampton and it was good to bring the Boutique to you for a change.

We will be back early in 2018 if you missed out.

I would like to thank in particular Olwyn Cook who helped me to look after the "Shop" at short notice and also a really big thank you to the Cancer Council Qld, Rockhampton branch who provided the venue.  We could not have done it without you.

Set up time in the morning.

Mark brought his older brother Max along to help set up the display and then they cleared off up to Mt Morgan. Max was born there and he and Mark went around visiting Max's old haunts from his childhood while I looked after my lovely ladies.

Once again, thank you for your support ladies; we do care about those in rural places and are keen to look after you.

Max at Mt Morgan Railway Station.

And finally. a special thank you to the Park Avenue Hotel/Motel. We stayed there and the service was amazing. The meals in the hotel were of the highest quality and served by the most wonderfully friendly staff. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Will be staying there next time we are in Rocky.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

We love these letters....

"Dear Debra,
Thank you so much for the kind attention my request for Amoena products. The breast form you suggested is so comfortable and I love the pretty bras.
You even filled in the Medicare claim form and enclosed an envelope with a stamp on it to make sure I got my refund.
You are outstanding and many customers would echo my words.

Sincerely, Jean S.

One of the great rewards of looking after our special ladies is when they take the time to send us a card thanking us for our service. I truly am passionate about what we do here at Spirit of Life and our customers do appreciate it. 

Debra T

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Another Boutique road trip this moth....

Yes.. we are taking the show on the road to Rockhampton.

Have you had breast surgery? 

Welcome to the Spirit of Life Boutique.

There is life and lingerie after breast surgery.

Regain and retain that feeling of who you really are!
Appearance can make all the difference in how people see you and how you feel about yourself – and it’s always nice to have so much choice that you can pick things that are exactly right for you.

Who we are
We are a lingerie shop that specializes in mastectomy lingerie, swimwear, breast prostheses and bras – and we have one of the largest selection in Australia. That’s possible for us because caring for women after breast surgery is all we do at Spirit of Life. 

And we are coming to Rockhampton for a prosthesis and lingerie fitting day! 

Where: Cancer Council of QLD, 43 Upper Dawson Rd, Allenstown QLD 4700

When: Between 9:00 AM & 3:00 PM Saturday, October 28

See: The latest mastectomy fashion bras and swimsuits.

Win: Lucky door prize of an Amoena Valletta Mastectomy Top!

Debra herself will be onsite to personally take care of you and give you that specialised service that she is known and loved for. But fitting numbers are limited, so you need to call her right now on (07) 3511 4222 to book your appointment. When you call, Debra will talk with you about choices and sizing etc and bring garments with her for you to try on the day. There is no need to pay any cash up front and Debra will have credit card facilities on the day!

Don’t miss out! Bookings close October 24! Call Debra now (07) 3511 4222
Why not visit the Boutique on the internet in the meantime?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

One more day to spring!

Just one more day to spring! Warmer days, mild temperatures and lots of fun. And with Spring as usual we have our Spring - Summer newsletter with all sorts of new and exciting lingerie. As a teaser i have shown the front page here!

If you are on our mailing list you should get yours in the next week or so.. come on now Australia Post.. go harder!

Here's a little video of some of the new goodies.

Looking forward to seeing you in the boutique ...... real soon.

Here it is!